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Subject: REM - Research Methods

Course: Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV60411)

CLASS 11imagine


Today's Class: YOU IN NUMBERS


// objective: interpreting quantitative research findings and applying this to a       creative outcome.

// time: 6 weeks

// final submission: research document and A2 poster - 2 colours only
      (black print on colour paper)


This is the final task for you, as an explorer of the world.

Throughout the semester you have learnt abstract ways to think as a creative practitioner, using new ways to source and gather research and information. Now is the time to apply these skills and turn them into a final piece of communication.

The subject of this brief is YOU.

You are required to create an A2 poster of yourself, a visual portrait that uses every single number that is connected to you. In the modern world we have many numbers connected to us: identification, passwords; 
referencing our favorite soundtracks; catching the tram to uni; numbers are very much part of our identity. You are required to research, analyze and discover these numbers, then use these to create a portrait of yourself.


WEEK 11 & 12 - Research
Start collecting all the numbers assigned to you. Start documenting these. Please complete the tasks given to you in class.

Research yourself and select words that represent your values.


WEEK 13 - Class presentation
In this week you are required to present to the class your research findings. This should be presented in a professional manner and supplied to us on screen as a pdf.

  • What are the 10 words that describe your values?
  • Share with us at least 50 numbers. Categories these into clear sections. Such as Memberships. Travelling. Family etc.
  • What you put in this is up to you - but you must show us the unique discoveries you have stumbled on when researching yourself in numbers. Make it like a story and entertain us!


WEEK 14 - Design Concept - Class pinup and critique
Using the numbers you have discovered about yourself as the design elements, you are required to present 3 concepts,
showing us an illustrative portrait of YOU in numbers. This is required to be a pdf presentation.


WEEK 15 & 16 - Design refinement
Storyboard - show us your progress. Share with us your first interpretation of “you” in numbers. Remember the final poster is an portrait of yourself. Show us any refinements and changes you have made so far. This is an opportunity to get feedback from your peers and apply this to your final submission next week. This is required to be a pdf presentation.


WEEK 17 - Class presentation + final A2 poster, printed
You will present to us your final poster submission, sharing with us the unique things you have discovered about yourself during this research and design journey



Main text for this subject

Smith, Keri 2008, How to be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum, Penguin Books



For Next Week


Next week you will be visiting the State Library of Victoria for your Research Methods class, so you will meet at the Library steps at 10am.

I will be away next week. Instead, you will have teacher Ben Dudding taking your for REM and ID2 classes. Make sure you are on time at the Staet Library. If you want to take a guided tour, I believe there are free tours at 11:30 am.