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Subject: REM - Research Methods

Course: Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV60411)

CLASS 08imagine


Today's Class: Exit Through The Gift Shop


// objective: watch Bansky - Exit Through the Gift Shop
      - to develop your own theories on creative practice

// time: two hours

// final submission: class discussion and review in your explorer journal

In this task you will apply communication and literacy skills and develop you own views and ideas on the topic – creative practice. So what are your thoughts on Banksy's art practice and other artists that have emerged from the street art scene?

After watching Exit Through the Gift Shop, please write a short review in your explorer journal.

get the video here: exit.avi




Main text for this subject

Smith, Keri 2008, How to be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum, Penguin Books



For Next Week

Keep up to date with your explorer journal. Remember to add the following each week:

  1. A colourful and creative mindmap of the word of the week (one page)
  2. Find an article that you find interesting and write a 100 word reflection on it. (What did you like, did not like etc) Make sure you paste a copy of the article in your journal (two pages)
  3. A photo you have taken yourself that you find interesting. Make sure you date it, tell us its location and why you took it. (two pages)
  4. A treasure discovery. Find something from the urban landscape of Melbourne and place this in your journal. 

    Tell us why you find it interesting. (two pages)
  5. ALL Notes/examples of your weekly class activity.