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Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Education Manager: Adam Hutterer - email:

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Subject: ID2 - Interactive Design

Course: Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV60411)


Design problems when designing for mobile

  • Read Finger-Friendly Design: Ideal Mobile Touchscreen Target Sizes(if you haven't already)
  • Sketch rough mobile designs (1 page of sketches per screen) for your health app. Screens should be:
    1. Load screen
    2. Home page showing options/functions for your app
    3. Min 3 pages of different functionality for your app

You will be provided with a set of PDf templates in class which you can print as required to help you with your sketching.

Share sketches and discuss design solutions.


Experimenta as the RMIT gallery

Today at 3:30 we will head up to RMIT Gallery to see the Experimenta Exhibition which is in it's final week:

We can catch the tram up Swanston st to RMIT - the gallery is in Building 16.

This is an interesting exhibition for you to consider what "interactivity" is in a broad and experimental sense. You can use your experience here to populate your Research Methods Explorer Journal.




see ID2 folder on MMSHARE for templates


Designing for Touch: wk1-id2-designing-for-touch2.pdf



For Next Week

Complete sketches for Assessment Task 1 & start work on screen mockups if you have time.