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Subject: DMA - Digital Media- 2015

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Education Manager: Adam Hutterer - email:

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Class 12 - QR code mini exhibition & mixed reality environments

Today's Class

1. QR code mini exhibition

We will create a mini online/print exhibition using QR codes today.

You can use an image online, a blog entry, a short piece of text, video etc to use as your piece in the exhibition.

We need to think of a catchy name for the exhibition.

All you need to do is know the location of your piece online (an image or video on your blog is the perfect piece), or if it is text, then just use the text to generate the QR code. If the text is too long, make it a page in your blog instead.

I suggest using this website to generate your QR code (but there are many locations online to do the same thing):

Make sure you save your QR code with the following naming protocol:


I will compile the QR codes into a PDF file that can be printed or displayed online.


2. Review of Mixed Reality environments (AT3)

You will also have plent of class time today to research and write up your Mixed Reality review. You can develop it as a blog post, a blog page, or a PDF uplaoded to your blog.

Review the brief in your Unit Guide: DMA Unit Guide


Homework / Readings

Research & writing for Assessment Task 3

Read this article on Block Interval - UX in VR (User eXperience in Virtual Reality) :



Oculus Rift <>

Google Glass <>

MONA Gallery - "O" Device (the opposite of the MoMA exhibition - in this case, the information is virtual, triggered as you approach the physical artwork)-

The AR Art Manifesto -

Melbourne-based artist Alison Bennett:

Mixed Reality Lab (MXR) <>

Mixed Reality Studio <>

University of Nottingham, Mixed Reality Lab <>

University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies <>

New Scientist article <>

Babelswarm <>

Autoscopia <>

Adam Nash <>

Turbulence - Mixed Realities

VAS <>

Occupy Wall Street

QR code city