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Subject: DMA - Digital Media- 2015

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Education Manager: Adam Hutterer - email:

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Class 05 - Completing your wordpress setup and customisation

Class Activities

Today is the last opportunity to customise your Wordpress site before I assess your layout, theme and customisations. you can continue to change things as you go over the semester, but you will be assessed on where you are at this week.

remember to look at the brief to make sure you have covered everything.


Things to do this week

If you haven't already, make sure you cover these areas:

  • a fully functional Wordpress blog with no errors
  • a personalised theme selected for your blog
  • the creation of a personalised header image for your theme (if your theme requires it)
  • the use of at least 3 widgets (in sidebars or footer areas)
  • the creation of at least one image gallery and one slideshow showcasing your own artwork
  • the development of apersonal, descriptive "About" page
  • the implementation of links and blogroll to raise the profile of the blog via interlinking of blog sites



Create Custom Menus

If you want to create custom menus, it's not difficult, but you have to follow the appropriate steps. To create menu items you need to either have created Pages, or need to have your posts linked to Categories, or you can create menu items for External Links. Whichever option you choose, they need to be in place or you need to know what you're doing before you go to the Menu area of your Dashboard.

If you create static Pages for your blog, they are usually not linked to anything - so they can't be accessed from your blog unless you add them to a Menu.

When you go to the Menu area of the Dashboard, you will need to create a menu (or edit an existing menu), add items to the menu and organise them, save the menu, and then you need to Activate the menu or it won't be seen on your blog - this last step is one that people often forget and then wonder why they can't see their new menu in their blog.


Watch this video:

History of the Internet:

It was the development of the Internet and file sharing via email that was the catalyst for the creation of MIME types (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), and many of the different digital file formats that we know today.

If you need a starting point to understand some of the terminology used in the above video or in other websites that you are researching, a good general Glossary of terms relating to digital media formats can be found here:


Homework / Readings

Keep making blog posts - at least 2 per week should see you meet the minimum of 30 posts by the end of semester.



Wordpress tutorials & support

History of the Internet

Can I use that picture? (infographic)

Where good ideas come from (Steven Johnson)