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Class 13 - Flexible Delivery

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Lecture Notes - Performance & Participation continued...


Watch & Discuss the documentary: Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present

the video file will be made availiable to you in class.

respond to the documentary in VU Collaborate.


Questions to respond to online:

      1. Did you have a particular response to this film? Was it an emotional reaction? What did it make you think about?

      2. Consider the logistics of such a large scale exhibition - the performance itself and the performance retrospective. What impressed you the most about the staging of this at MoMA?

      3. How does this major "tour de force" performance work relate to the continuum of creative practice we have been exploring throughout the semester? Where does Abramović's work fit in relation to the work of others discussed in recent weeks?

      4. There was a bit of celebrity spotting in the audience of this event - mainly of high-profile actors. One could see why they would want to experience a performance like this. Would you agree that Performance Art can perhaps go further than other types of performance such as traditional theatre or film/television production in pushing boundaries and involving participants because there are less constraints?










You need to continue to organise and generate ideas with your group