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Class 02 - Gallery Visit

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Today we will visit the NGV Australia at Federation Square. The purpose of this excursion is to use your research skills anad critical thinking skills when viewing artwork from different genres, eras, etc.

You will be assigned a group to explore the gallery with, and your group will also report back to the teacher after exploring the Gallery at the end of the class time. There are options to view the NGV permanent collection or visit specific current exhibitions such as the Emily Floyd exhibition which is a great example of contemporary art and design:

The works you choose to research might be found here, or may depend on what you are interested in - e.g. design, fine art, different media types, genres, etc. and therefore, will influence what you may ultimately write about in your research skills exercise.

You might be able to find something at the NGV to interest you for your essay writing task (see references for maps and details below). Part of the essay assessment task is the selection process - choosing artists/designers and their works that resonate with you somehow: perhaps creators that are influential to your own creative practice, or that you would like to explore further because they work in similar genres or media.

Don't worry if you are not sure about how to properly structure your text yet. The main goal for today is to find out as much as you can, select some potential artists/designers and peices that you can undertake further research on, and document everything you do - for example:

  • don't just photograph the artwork, photograph any signage that goes with it so you will know the artist/date/medium/other info about the work;
  • collect any catalogues or free ephemera relating to the work you are seeing;
  • make notes about the work even if you are photographing it - you will need to be specific about the details when you write about it; and
  • make notes on your impressions and thoughts about the work that you can add to your text at a later date.

In Class 01 we looked at ways of researching, how you might structure your written piece, and VU standards for referencing & creating bibliographies.

You will also be expected to do some research (as homework) before Class 03 to find books, articles, websites, other publications relating to your artists/artworks/genres. You might want to go back to the gallery at another time to review the works you select, or to search for research materials.

An important part of this exercise is the selection of an artist or artists work to write about. As stated, your selection should be something that resonates with you, but it should also be something that you will be able to find second-hand information about in the form of publications, online review, etc. If you are not sure about an artist that you have selected, perhaps select a short-list of a few artists that you can further research to make the best choice for this assessment task. You may find that an artist you really want to use for this task, is very hard to find information about. You will need to choose someone appropriate to the task.


  • Writing/drawing materials (notepad & pencil for example - pencils only in the NGV)
  • Digital camera to photograph & document what you see at the gallery (mobile phone camera is OK)
  • USB memory stick or external Hard Disk for backing up any electronic documents (by Class 02)
  • Access to a computer, Internet and browser software to access online class materials & conduct research
  • A current email address that you check on a regular basis (daily or at least several times a week)
  • A current phone number (preferably a mobile number) so we can contact you if classes are cancelled or changed etc.



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