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Subject: CCE - Context & Culture - 2015

VUIT Digital Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Education Manager: Adam Hutterer - email:

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Class 06 - Contemporary Art Practices & Creativity - Gallery Visit - ACMI Screen Worlds

Class Activities

This Week

This week we will be going to ACMI Screen Worlds during class time. We will start class at 1:30 in room 16.16, then at around 2pm, we will walk down to ACMI. The Screen Worlds exhibition is a very interesting look at a wide range of screen-based media from film to games and interactive pieces.

Your mission will be to explore the whole exhibition and find something that captures your attention to make a blog post about in your Wordpress sites. You may find some examples of remix or reappropriation of content in this exhibition. It should be a fun excursion.


Homework / Readings

Take some time to populate your blog with engaging content - including a post about Screen Worlds.