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Subject: ID2 - Interactive Design

Course: Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV60411)

CLASS 13 - More history of creativity: Different Cultures

Today you will research & discuss your family culture or a culture that interests you and it's attitude to creativity.


Creativity in different cultures

We will engage in a class discussion today about creativity in different cultures. You were asked to bring something to class - a book, DVD, an object, a URL for something online (a text, a website) that reflects an aspect of creativity in a culture that you come from, or that is important or of influence to you.

My selection is a book titled:

Francesco Clemente: Three Worlds, 1990, Philadelphia Museum of Art

It's a book I purchased when travelling in Europe around 1990, and I saw this exhibition in London at the Academy of Art.

Clemente was an influential artist for me around that time, for a number of reasons, and I think this book demonstrates the issues we are discussing as it looks at one artist's creative pratice and the influence of different cultures on his work. He has created work over the years influenced by his experience of cultures and artists from Europe, the US and India.

Celemente was one of the big Italian art-stars of the Post Modern era - one of the "Three Cs" - (Cucchi, Chia and Clemente) that were big names at the time. He is still a major artist, and he has a great current website:



Writing for Blogs

Discuss different ways of writing for a blog, review some different uses for blogs by artists & writers

Some links as a starting point:



Class Exercise

Piece 2: Research online - find examples of designers that have a similar approach to your creative practice. Make a blog post about your research and about your selected item, and comment on a couple of your classmate's posts too. Use images and other media content to support your text. Discuss in class.