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Assessment Policy 2014

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans - email:

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Subject: ID2 - Interactive Design

Course: Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV60411)

Assessment Policy 2014


  • Students are required to attend all scheduled sessions.  Failure to do so could seriously jeopardise a successful outcome in your course of study.
  • Students enrolled in Diploma level and above, can be withdrawn from their course of study by the College of Arts if they fail to attend regularly prior to the census date for each semester (31st March and 31st August respectively).


  • On commencement of each subject you will be informed of the assessment requirements for that subject.
  • To complete each subject, you must be assessed as competent or have achieved a grade higher than basic competency for every unit in the subject.
  • You mush achieve competency (or a higher grade) in ALL SUBJECTS undertaken to be eligible for your award (Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma).
  • Some subjects are prerequisites to further studies so failure to meet the competency requirements may prevent progress to further study in related subject areas.


  • Work must be submitted by the due date. Work submitted late without special consideration will only be assessed to ‘Achieved Competency’ level.
  • Work will be graded according to the criteria set in the Assessment Overview in the subject outline.
  • Students will receive feedback on work submitted.

On completion of a subject, teachers in your course will undertake a process to ensure that the outcome of the assessment is valid and the assessment decision has been properly arrived at in accordance with the assessment criteria outlined in each brief.

On completion of a subject, the overall subject grade will be the sum of the assignment/work grades achieved. Assignment grades are only provided as N, P, C, D, HD.

Victoria University has a policy that requires teachers to identify students at risk of not achieving competency in any unit at the earliest possible time. This policy Student Assessment and Progress is on our Intranet and can be viewed at:


  • Late work will not be accepted without confirmation of Special Consideration. See later in this document for details of the Special 
    Consideration process.
  • Failure to submit work by the due date at the end of a semester may jeopardise a unit pass result.
  • Failure to submit work over an extended period of time may result in a student being withdrawn from the course. 

Students should submit work directly to class teachers. If this is not possible:

  • Students should notify the teacher and submit hard copy or disk to the assessment drop box on level 17.  You must complete an assessment submission slip with your name, date, group, subject, job title and teacher’s name (slip available at counter)
  • Work will be returned to student by class teacher or by co-ordinators (if a teacher is no longer on campus). Students cannot collect work from reception.


  • If for reason of illness or other serious cause that you believe has disadvantaged your assessment during the semester, you must complete an Application for Special Consideration form available from reception or from the Education Manager. Please note the rules on this form and in particular the timeframe required for submission prior to assessment deadline.
  • These circumstances do not include disk/USB/hard drive errors or computer crashes etc. You should ALWAYS have multiple backups of your work on DVDs hard drives. Completing your assessment as soon as possible before the due date will assist you avoid these circumstances.

Students have a right to appeal the outcome of an assessment. In the first instance, this should be discussed with your teacher.  If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, a formal review process will be initiated.

Application for Assessment Review forms are available from the Education Manager. Disputes will be reviewed by a panel and you will be informed of the outcome.

Application for Special Consideration and Application for Assessment Review forms for all courses must be lodged within three working days of the assessment with Education Manager, Alan Morgans.