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Assessment Task 1

College of Arts, Victoria University

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Subject: ID2 - Interactive Design

Course: Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV60411)


Assessment Task 1 - Design Mobile Interfaces

Deadlines & delivery dates:

You have 3 weeks to produce this project:

  • Week 2 – User persona due
  • Week 3 – Sketches due
  • Week 4 – Mockups due

20% of total mark for the unit CUFDIG506A.

Assessment Grades

HD: High Distinction 80-100, D: Distinction 70-79,  C: Credit 60-69, P: Pass 50-59, N1: Not Yet Competent 49-40%, N2: Not Yet Competent <40%

In order to achieve a HD for this brief you need to:

  • Meet all the requirements of the brief
  • Creatively explore ideas and outcomes
  • Have solid justification and reference for aesthetic choices
  • No typos or grammatical errors and consistent formatting in written material
  • Show comprehensive documentation of planning and development
  • Demonstrate good reflective practice skills

Assessment Criteria / Learning Objectives

CUFDIG506A > Design Interaction

Element/Learning outcome

Performance Criteria

1. Identify project requirements

4. Identify target audience and user characteristics

2. Generate ideas for interaction

5. Research the delivery platform and analyse its potential for human-computer interaction
6. Generate a range of ideas to broaden and deepen the range of user experiences

3. Draft interaction design specifications

10. Draft interaction design specifications for all interactive sequences
14. Document all feedback and incorporate into design specifications


1. Project Description


To design give you the design knowledge for designing for mobile devices. You should walk away with an understanding of the different considerations required when designing for human interaction.



This mini-brief will give insight into designing content for mobile and interactive devices.  You will explore user centered design to better understand your target audience and analyse research to determine the technical requirements.

You will explorer resources such as mobile design patterns and ultimately you will produce a 3 screen mockup of a new location-based mobile application on the mobile platform of your choosing.



The new mobile app you are designing is called Checkpoint. It is a location aware application and has some similarities to Foursquare. All you know about it is listed under the Evidence of development work above. You may add to this.



2. Requirements

The following items/procedures are required to submit for assessment, any project submitted that does not meet any of the following requirements will not be assessed until it does so:

Develop a persona
You will develop a persona of a Foursquare user to understand their wants, needs, desires including where and when they access the application.

Evidence of development work
You will sketch 3 pages of designs – 1 page of sketches per screen. Pages are:

  • Load screen
  • Home page with map and list of current locations of interest nearby (with ability to check-in and share latest check-in)
  • A page where you can see friends activity (with a button to add / follow a friend)

Share and discuss design solutions
Share you designs and seek feedback from other students.  Offer design solutions to each other.

Develop mockups
Draw the interface for Checkpoint in Photoshop or Illustrator. It must:

  • Be based on the design specifications
  • Be made to correct dimensions for the mobile device you are designing for.
  • Use a font size which is legible and consider fat finger and thumb input


3. Specifications


  • You will need to output your finished designs into a combined PDF, 1 design per page, the design should fill the page where possible. Submit as PDF.
  • You will design, create and submit a presentation story that includes your persona, sketches and mockups and present this to the class to explain your development and your end goals. Submit as PDF.


4. References

Useful articles:

Mobile design patterns for design inspiration



5. Assessment Rubric







Develop user personas

You have not developed a persona for your Facebook Home redesign that is fleshed out enough. Your persona is superficial.

You have developed a persona for your Facebook Home redesign that is well thought out and a clear representation of the average person you are redesigning for. You have asked this persona the right questions and answered them accordingly, which demonstrates your understanding of their needs and wants.



CUFDIG506A > Design Interaction

1. Identify project requirements (1.4)






Generate Idea

You have not submitted required development work.

You have submitted 3 pages of sketches for each screen and 3 mockups. They are rough but show some concept development and idea generation.

You have submitted 3 pages of sketches for each screen and 3 mockups. They are good quality and demonstrate your ability to generate ideas for your design.

You have submitted 3 pages of sketches for each screen and 3 mockups. Your sketches are well developed and document the development of your ideas clearly.

CUFDIG506A > Design Interaction

2. Generate ideas for interaction (2.5, 2.6)

3. Draft interaction design specifications (3.10, 3.14)








Assessment Overview:

CUFDIG506A > Design Interaction

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Evidence of the following is essential:

  • clearly documented and user-tested interaction design specifications for an interactive media product
  • ability to work effectively as a member of a design team
  • well-developed understanding of the principles of interactivity from a user perspective.


Assessment Rules

This project is assessed by presentation and submission of a project in electronic format. If you do not submit adequate work by due dates you will not be able to achieve competency in this Unit.

For the policy which you will be assessed with please refer to the Assessment Policy section of your Creative Industries student handbook or the online copy of the Assessment Policy: