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Subject: ID1 - Interactive Design 1

Course: Diploma of Graphic Design (CUV50311)


Introduction to the Subject and Unit of Competency

Today we will cover all assessment tasks, unit guide, weekly outline etc.

CUFDIG403A > Create user interfaces

Unit Description:

This unit will enable students to develop and extend skills and knowledge required to take a design concept or solution to the implementation stage and to design the interfaces for interactive media products.

Application of the Unit:

A person who applies the skills and knowledge outlined in this unit works to technical and creative specifications provided by a user interface designer or other designers.

There is scope for individual creativity because a person in this role is expected to generate a range of design options that respond to concepts documented in design specifications. However, these ideas need to demonstrate a sound understanding of user-centred design principles, as well as comply with standards that apply to the specific platforms on which the user interface will be run.


What is Interactivity?



What is User-centred Design and why is it relevant to Graphic Designers?


view this cool infographic poster:


What is the 'buzzword' UX?

here are some Smashing Magazine articles that are a good starting point:



Task 1 - Lets create user personas

  • Who are the users (name, age, background, likes, hates)?
  • What tasks are they trying to achieve?
  • What environment are they doing this in?
  • What is their experience level?

Use this template to create your persona


Task 2 – Homework: What, Why, Where?

Select a social media mobile app (Facebook mobile preferred / if no mobile then web) and record your interactions over the next 48 hours.

Use this template to record your Facebook interactions






For Next Week

Bring your homework - completed document of Facebook interactions. We will be discussing these in class.