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Subject: CCE - Context & Culture - 2014

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans - email:

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Class 08 - Contemporary Art Practices & Creativity - review and reflection

Class Activities

1. Review and reflection of the last three weeks

Today is an opportunity to think back on the last three classes and the themes that were explored:

  • Remix Art
  • Collaborative Art
  • Artists as agents for change

You might be interested in one or more of these areas from a personal, creative perspective, and you might also be leaning towards one of these areas to write your second review piece about.

In the first half of the class, we will look at some questions for you to apply to your selected theme. These questions will help you to decide what you want to write about, why it's important or relevant to you personally and perhaps, how knowledge you have acquired for this theme might be explored in greater detail and how it might affect your creative practice.

These are the questions:

  • Identify one important concept, theory, practice, or idea that you learned from the last three classes.

  • Why do you believe that this concept, theory, practice, or idea is important?

  • Describe how you might apply what you have learned from the selected area to some aspect of your creative practice or life in general.

  • What question(s) has the content in your selected area raised for you? What are you still wondering about? How might you further explore this theme to find more information or to use the information in creative practice?

Class Activity:

In small groups, research one of the categories listed above and find one or two artists or a group that interests you, present your findings to the class.



Homework / Readings

Follow up on some of the references provided today and the research done in class - if you find something that interests you, you might want to make a blog post about it.

Begin thinking about the next writing task & doing some introductory research on your selected area.