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Context & Culture Weekly Outline 2014

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans - email:

Class Website -

Weekly Schedule: CCE Semester 1

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (CUV50111)

CLASS STRUCTURE: 3 hours per week studio-based class - lecture & project work.






(see weekly class notes for details)



Introduction Introduction to the Subject, overview of assessment tasks, review of academic practice - research, critical thinking and different styles of writing
Exercise: Write a short statement about what you think it means to be a creative person, a contemporary artist (to be reviewed at the end of semester), present this to the class.


24/07 History of Creativity - Europe

Intro to European History of Creativity -
Make, Create, Imagine, Invent

Visit - ACCA - Douglas Gordon

Start AT3 - Blog Content Development


31/07 Indigenous Art

Indigenous Art - another history of creativity - creating meaning within a specific landscape, different readings over time
Visit - NGV Australia - Indigenous Art
Begin review of Indigenous art - select an artist or artists to write a short essay about

Start AT1 - Piece 1 - Indigenous Art - meanings and understandings over time


07/08 Creativity in Different Cultures Different Cultures - History of Creativity
Discussion relating to different cultures within our group
Begin developing content in the blog, discuss different ways of writing for a blog, review some different uses for blogs by artists & writers - write about your own background and understanding of creativity through your personal cultural heritage


14/08 Remix Art Contemporary Art Practices & Creativity


21/08 Collaborative Art Contemporary Art Practices & Creativity


28/08 Artists as agents for change

Contemporary Art Practices & Creativity
Artists as agents for change

Assess AT1 - Piece 1

Start AT1 - Piece 2 - Remix Art, Collaborative Art, or Artists as Agents for change


04/09 Self reflection

What it means to be an artist today - self reflection & creative practice

Artist talk - 2014 student prize winners



11/09 Content Management, Cultural Preservation Preservation of creative content & cultural heritage - current theories, practices & problems
Image preparation for cataloguing


18/09 Artists, Archives & Memory Artists & Archives - memory, meaning, documentation
Content Management - Creating an Inventory of Artworks, describing: Source(content & medium); Environment; Installation; Technology; Interaction (audience engagement)

mid-term break  20/09 - 05/10


09/10 Content Management, Defining Series

Content Management - defining Series - Extent of the series, date range, description & intent for preservation and future re-presentation of the work.

Start AT2 - Content Management Project


23/10 Content Management, Artist Statement

Content Management - Writing a professional Artist Statement - who are you, what kinds of work do you create, how do you go about your practice?

Artists talk: previous VU students from the Diploma of Visual Art



30/10 Content Management, completing documentation

Content Management - putting it all together in the blog - creating nested, static pages.



06/11 Project Work

Project work & Writing workshop - working on reviews

Assess AT2 - Content Management Project


13/11 Project Work Project work & Writing workshop - working on reviews



20/11 Project Work Writing workshop - Completion & presentation of projects, review of statement from class 1 & discussion of what it means to be a creative artist - write a follow up statement Assess AT1 Piece 2
Assess AT3 - Blog Content Development