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Subject: EXC - Exhibition Concepts - 2013

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC_13)

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email: lisa.cianci@vu.edu.au
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email: alan.morgans@vu.edu.au
College of Arts Office: City Flinders - Tel: 9919 1517

Class Website - http://lisacianci.vucreativeindustries.com/2013/EXC

Classes 17 & 18 - completion of projects

Class Activities


Ghost Signs

Today you should be completing the text for your exhibition selection & have the document ready to submit. Consider the following when writing your exhibition essay (one page should be adequate):

What items have you selected from the archive and why did you choose them?

What form did your research take? What did you find?

Have you got any further material to add to the Lewis & Skinner items?

You must complete documenting your selected items in a word document by today, and include any additional material you have found or created such as photographs of sites as they are now, any research finds such as articles, websites, old photographs etc.

Don't forget to properly reference any content that you find which is not your own. You can use Web URLs, article references, or if it's your own photograph, make sure you include your name as the creator of the image and when and where it was taken. We want to make sure that when we put things online, we give credit where it's due to any creators of content - this means having your own name linked to photographs etc.


Aims: by the end of class you should have documented the items you have selected from the archive in a Word document, and you should have completed your exhibition essay.

Template: I have put together a template in Word which outlines what you need to submit in the document today. We will have time in class to finish things off, but I need time too to upload your content and create the Exhibitions in the Lewis & Skinner archive.

Word Template Doc: GhostSignsProjectDocumentTemplate.docx