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Subject: EXC - Exhibition Concepts - 2013

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC_13)

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email: lisa.cianci@vu.edu.au
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email: alan.morgans@vu.edu.au
College of Arts Office: City Flinders - Tel: 9919 1517

Class Website - http://lisacianci.vucreativeindustries.com/2013/EXC

Class 11 - Group work focussing on the development and curation of exhibitions

Class Activities


Nick Del'Oso's selection today is not online. It is from a DVD series called Destination Art. It covers four Italian artists, and we may have time to watch the whole thing which runs at about 23 minutes.

Artists: Michelangelo Pistoletto, Roberta Silva, Maggie Cardelus and Patrick Tuttofuoco.

What are your impressions of these artists work and their creative practices? Think about the context of these artists environment & hte work they create.

*Make a blog post about these videos.

Reminder: next week Rianne & Emily will present a video of their choice


Current Assessment Tasks: Unit CULMS008B Conceive, develop & realise exhibition designs

Assessment Task 4 - Graduate Show Invitation Design

Assessment Task 5 - Ghost Signs Online Exhibition Curation & Design


Graduate Show Invitation & Title Design

Last week's notes contain some examples of previous invitations used in the Level 17 Artspace. I have found some other examples of invitations online that might help to get the ball rolling.

WFF invitation

40 Awesome exhibition & museum brochures

Other Academies

Uni of Washington School of Art Roma


open tonight!

PW 1933/2010

Barry Kay

Territory Craft

QCA grad exhibition 2011



Some of you already had some good ideas from last week's discussions such as using a detail from one of your artworks as the image for the invitation.

Has anyone got any other invitations that might be good for generating ideas?


Today we will do some general idea generation beginning with smaller groups to do some research & come up with ideas:

in pairs - research some invitation designs or title ideas that interest you - 30 min;

join pairs into groups of four to brainstorm the results - 20 min;

come back to the class group with a range of loose concepts that might be further developed into more solid ideas.

I found this item for the first year students that are doing a personal artist's manifesto for Cultural Studies: a book titled 100 Artists' Manifestos: From the Futurists to the Stuckists (Penguin Modern Classics), edited by Alex Danchev, 2011. It doesn't have many pictures, but the text is very engaging, and you can dip into it at any point. You can get an eBook version on Kindle from Amazon for only $10:


If anyone wants to have a look at it, I have it on my iPad which I will bring to class. It might be a good starting point for ideas generation for exhibition titles.

Aims: we will not make any final decisions today, our aim is to come up with a list of things that we can document and all go away and think about over the next week.


Ghost Signs

We will discuss options for getting started in class today...

Your groups have been allocated and now it's time to decide on some directions to follow.

Group 1: Celeste, Nick, Gabrielle, Melinda, Keryn

Group 2: Eiwani, Emily, Rebecca, Riane, Ashleigh

Group 3: Tom, Matt, Jennifer, Alisha, Rosemary

Last week when Stefan Schutt came to speak to the group, we looked at how you might start this project.


Go the the Lewis & Skinner archive (http://www.lewisandskinner.com/) and click on the link for "Browse Collections";

Use the location links or the tag cloud to start searching for items that might be suitable in an exhibition based around a theme or location;

Some ideas might be to choose a part of Melbourne, a company or a type of business to start;

You might want to choose two or three areas to begin searching - some might prove to be more successful than others.

Aims: by the end of class you should have made a plan with your group with two or three possible areas to explore.


use any remaining time to work on your blogs - upload some images of your work in progress, post links to content you have viewed, you can even post your ideas and research for the current assessment tasks.

Homework / Readings

WORK on your blogs - I want to see lots more content on the blog from everyone - especially your own work!!

DO some investigating for the Ghost Signs Project - whether it is local research, going online, whatever.

THINK about the invitation design in your spare moments.


Past Assessment Tasks 2 & 3: Unit CUVCOR04A Originate concept for own work & conduct critical discourse

Task 2 - Content Management Documentation
Assessment will be completed soon. If you have not yet submitted work, then you must do so as soon as possible.

Task 3 - 3DVAS - the virtual exhibition space
Work should be complete for this project now, and assessment feedback will be emailed soon.




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