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Subject: EXC - Exhibition Concepts - 2013

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC_13)

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email: lisa.cianci@vu.edu.au
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email: alan.morgans@vu.edu.au
College of Arts Office: City Flinders - Tel: 9919 1517

Class Website - http://lisacianci.vucreativeindustries.com/2013/EXC

Weekly Outline, Semester 1, 2013







(see weekly class notes for details)



Introduction to Exhibition Concepts About the Subject, Assessment Tasks
Activity: Each class member speak for 30 seconds on what their creative practice is and the direction they are aiming for in the future.
Begin Wordpress blog
watch: Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman, Walking and Falling (1982) & Superflex - Burning Car (2008)
AT1 begins (blog journal)


21/2 Reflective Practice Methods for developing self-reflective processes in creative practice. Where does creativity come from? Watch Everything is a Remix, discuss "commonplace books", developing reflective practice using digital technologies, etc.
watch: Kirby Ferguson - Everything is a Remix (2010)


28/2 Artistic Research

What is Artistic Research? What is the iterative cycle of creative research & practice? How can we apply practice-led research methods to our own creative practices? How does Exhibition factor into the creative cycle? Why is it important?
watch: MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ: The Artist is Present (2012)

AT1 assess blog layout


7/3 Managing Creative Content

Artists and the Archive. How do artists engage with the archive as a basis for making art, and as a means of keeping art? Duchamp, Fluxus, Calle, Hiller, Jones, Kabokov, Le Guenec.
Examine ways to create an online profile as an artist using methods & web technologies to both promote creative work and preserve it.
Make a plan for your creative content archive.
watch: Carl Michael Von Hausswolff & Thomas Nordanstad - Hashima (2010)
Sharon Lockhart - Lunch Break (2009)

AT2 start (managing & documenting creative content)


14/3 Managing Creative Content / Digital Curation

Future-Proofing for Artists - elements that can assist in future proofing creative content - what can we do as artists with minimal resources? Future considerations - who would you give your passwords to?
Variable Media - what is it? how do we deal with preservation issues relating to creative content that may be ephemeral, temporal, or virtual? Discuss methods of keeping and destruction in contemporary art
watch: Salvador Dali - A Soft Self Portrait (1967)

AT3 start (virtual exhibition)

Event: Tuesday March 12, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, L17 Artspace, Ghost Sign Hunting: Stephen Banham (Aus), Sam Roberts (UK) & Stefan Schutt (Aus)


21/3 Digital / Virtual Curation What is Digital / Virtual curation? Explore curation practices with a focus on how technology can be used to curate many types of creative content presentations.
Decide what your exhibition theme and content might be.
watch: Tracy Emin - Collected Shorts (1995 - 1998)
Guest Speaker: 2:30 pm, Mixed Reality Exhibition Setup, Adam Nash (Aus)


28/3 Virtual Exhibition

Planning for a virtual exhibition - the technology and the content. Developing the virtual exhibition. Getting all the content and promotional content ready.
Review the content and theme of the virtual exhibition. What additional material is required to launch it, promote it etc?
watch: a selection from Fluxfilm Anthology (1962 - 1970)


mid-term break  29/3 - 14/4


18/4 Virtual Exhibition Putting it all together in the online environment
assembling the virtual exhibition and presentation to the class and external audiences.
watch: Hans Richter - Ghosts before Breakfast (1927) & Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947)


Visit: 6:00 pm Godwin Bradbeer exhibition opening - Pentimenti at James Makin Gallery in Collingwood

ANZAC Day 25/4


2/5 Exhibition Logistics and Ethics

Overview of Exhibition Logistics issues & ethics. Look at how artists deal with exhibition development focusing on the logistics of complex and experimental exhibitions and the ethics that may be involved. Do you have complex and variable work that requires particular considerations for exhibition? Are there different contexts for exhibiting your work? 
watch: student selection: Celeste

AT2 assessment (Content Management)

AT3 assessment (virtual exhibition)

Guest Speaker: 4pm - Lyndal Jones - installation & performance - large project exhibition logistics


9/5 Exhibition Logistics and Ethics Examine selection processes for curating an exhibition. what ethical issues may arise from dealing with a range of content and material types? social, ethnic, legal, ownership, privacy etc.
watch: student selection: Alisha

AT4 start (Grad show invitation)

AT5 start (Ghost Signs project)

Guest Speaker: 2pm - Stefan Schutt talking about the Ghost Signs project


16/5 Exhibition Logistics and Ethics

Group work focussing on the development and curation of an exhibition (Ghost Signs)
watch: student selection: Nick



23/5 Exhibition Curation and Development Group work focussing on the development and curation of an exhibition (Ghost Signs).
watch: student selection:Rianne, Emily, Ashleigh


30/5 Exhibition Curation and Development

Group work focussing on the development and curation of an exhibition (Ghost Signs).
watch: student selection: Rebecca, Thomas

Guest Speaker: Tuesday May 28, 2pm - Godwin Bradbeer, drawing master - Printmaking room L 16.


6/6 Exhibition Realisation Project work - completing content for 2nd year exhibition & Ghost Signs
watch: student selection: Rosie



13/6 Exhibition Realisation

Project work - completing content for 2nd year exhibition & Ghost Signs
watch: student selection: Matthew, Gabrielle

AT4 assess (Grad show)


20/6 Exhibition Realisation Critical reflection: analysis and assessment of elements relating to 2nd year exhibition
watch: student selection: Eiwani, Jennifer

17 & 18

Project Work
(09:30 - 17:00)
Work on assessment tasks (Ghost Signs & blog)Completion and presentation of assessment tasks
AT1 assess (Blog content)
AT5 assess (Ghost Signs)