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Subject: CCE - Context & Culture - 2013

College of Arts, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci - email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans - email:
College of Arts Office: City Flinders - Tel: 9919 1517

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Class 14 - Continuing with Projects & ACMI visit

Class Activities


Today we will work in class on any outstanding assessment tasks - the essay is due next week, so please ask me for help if you want me to check your text or anything else.


ACMI Visit

We will be visiting ACMI at Federation Square (Leaving VU at 10:30am). You will need your student card & $10 to get into the exhibition.

When viewing the exhibition, here are some questions to consider and to make a blog post about - yes you are expected to post an entry to your blog...

Think about how this exhibition is staged - what types of interaction are used to really engage the audience?

Do you have a particular favourite music video or music video creator? What is the style or content that appeals to you the most?

Do you think these music videos (or at least some of them) are art-films in their own right? Which ones?

Would you consider these videos collaborative works between music and video artists? Explain...


Happy Halloween!


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Homework / Readings

Work on your essay. You should be writing your essay now having chosen a topic and done extensive research.