WS2 - Workshop 2

BSBMGT617A.1 Develop and Implement a Business Plan
CUFDIG503A.2 Design E-Learning Resources
CUFDIG504A.2 Design Games
CUFDIG505A.2 Design Information Architecture
CUFDIG507A.2 Design Digital Simulations
TAADES504B.1 Develop and Evaluate E-Learning Resources


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Activity 1 - understanding your audience & how they learn



When creating a project, whether it's your own art project or a design project for a client, you cannot ignore that this work will be viewed by some kind of audience. In fact, without the audience, what is the point of your project? You are trying to communicate something to someone, so it will help to know who these "someones" are - your "target audience".

Your audience may be very broad and general, or may have a very specific and narrow scope. They may come from many walks of life, many age groups, cultural groups etc. etc...

You may be trying to educate them, to impress them with your amazing talent, and/or to shock them into a new realisation - so what's your message and who is it for?

You are using online, interactive media to create a project that will inform your audience about your message. So what is this media capable of? What are its properties and peculiarities? What makes it different to other media? How can you leverage the best things about your medium/media to get your message across?

You as students of digital media, and "consumers" of digital media, are the target audience for many online interactice producst and experiences. Your own experience is valuable to your research, because you have been using this kind of media for a long time, and by this stage of the course, you have gained considerable knowledge in the development and production of various kinds of digital media. So think about how you learn, and how you engage with the kinds of media you will be using in your project. Do you think you are a typical/atypical user for your target audience? What have your experiences been of learning in this course with different kinds of online media? What works best for you? What is your learning style?

This activity will involve a little research and discussion into the message, the audience,the technology, and how users might learn / be informed by your media product. You will then, armed with this knowledge, be able to write some brief descriptions of your target audience.


Reading Material


Write 3 descriptions (a couple of paragraphs for each) of potential target audience types for your workshop project. Rather than viewing this as a chore (yes, I too used to hate doing this for design documents), think about the various factors that affect how your audience might respond to your project. Consider our class discussions on the following:

  • learning styles
  • cultural factors
  • technology - media properties and possibilities
  • effective methods for getting the message across
  • your own experience as a member of the audience


Units related to this activity

  • CUFDIG503A.2 Design E-Learning Resources
  • CUFDIG504A.2 Design Games
  • CUFDIG505A.2 Design Information Architecture
  • CUFDIG507A.2 Design Digital Simulations 

Progressive Assessment

This activity is a part of the workshop project that is assessed on an ongoing basis. The development of effective design, navigation and interaction is an essential part of this project and it is necessary to achieve a competent grade for the design spec before proceeding to the development phase of the project. If you do not submit adequate work by milestone dates you will not be able to complete the brief.

For the policy which you will be assessed with please refer to the Assessment Policy section of your Creative Industries student handbook or the online copy of the Assessment Policy: