SIM2 - Interactive Media 2
BSBCRT501A - Originate and Develop Concepts

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Assessment Task 2 - concept development (workshop project concept)

Deadline: Week 8 - March 26 2012

  • Progress review classes 4 & 6
  • submit concept: class 8

20% of total mark for the subject.

Assessment Grades

HD: High Distinction 80-100, D: Distinction 70-79,  C: Credit 60-69, P: Pass 50-59, NC: Not Yet Competent

In order to achieve a HD for this brief you need to:

  • Meet all the requirements of the brief
  • Creatively explore ideas and outcomes
  • Have solid justification and reference for design choices
  • No typos or grammatical errors and consistent formatting in any written material
  • Show comprehensive documentation of planning and production
  • Demonstrate good time management skills


1. Project Description



How this relates to SIM3




2. Requirements

Concept Development


3. Specifications

The following items are required to submit for assessment, any project submitted that does not meet any of the following requirements will not be assessed until it does so:

Concept Document Specifications

    1. Your document must look neat, professional and easy to follow.
    2. Your document must cover the topics discussed in the 'Requirements' section
    3. Submit your research document. Your design document must be submitted in hard copy and as either a PDF or Word Document.

4. References:

see the digital media resources page for examples of online content that may help you with this assessment task.

5. Assessment Rubric

Task Advanced Competent Not Yet Competent Elements
Conceptual development Your concept document discusses the requirements mentioned in this brief in great detail and in a clear and concise manner. Your ideas are unique, creative and engaging.

Your concept document discusses briefly the requirements mentioned in this brief. Your ideas are satisfactory but could be more engaging.

You have not researched and discussed your concept in enough detail and work does not fulfil requirements listed in this brief. You have not addressed all specifications listed in the brief for this section.

3 Draft design specifications
4 Finalise design specifications

1 Identify project requirements

Research Skills      
Literacy: spelling, grammar, punctuation Textual content is well written with no typographic or grammatical errors and is easy to read. Textual content contains minor typographic or grammatical errors and could be clearer to read. Textual content is poorly written and difficult to read and to follow.
Demonstrated understanding of the topic      
5. Production deadlines
It is important that you bring all materials and development work with you to all classes.
  • Deadline: Week 8 - March 26 2012

    • Progress review classes 4 & 6
    • submit concept: class 8

Progressive Assessment

This project is assessed on an ongoing basis. The development of effective design, navigation and interaction is an essential part of this project and it is necessary to achieve a competent grade for the design spec before proceeding to the development phase of the project. If you do not submit adequate work by the due date you will not be able to continue with the brief.

For the policy which you will be assessed with please refer to the Assessment Policy section of your Creative Industries student handbook or the online copy of the Assessment Policy: