DDM - Design for Digital Media
Diploma of Creative Industries (WDCI)

Teacher Name - lisa.cianci@vu.edu.au
Class Website - http://lisacianci.vucreativeindustries.com/2012/DDM

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Class 17 - Final Class, Project Work

Class/Lab: Project Work & Quiz

Today's class is all about completing projects & submitting for assessment. You should have the following projects ready for assessment by the end of class:

1. Blog - with minimum 30 blog posts

2. Image Gallery Design - Needs Analysis and Design Specification Documents

3. Quiz - go to this website < http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JZXKDM7 > and do the Quiz (if you have read my classnotes & visited the references and links provided, you should be able to complete the quiz without any problems. This Quiz is only worth about 5% of the total mark for this subject, but it is an indication to you of whether you have sustained the information and knowledge covered during the semester.


Other Things to Remember

You should have completed the following Assessment Tasks - please submit if you have not done so yet:

AT2 - Storyboard Trailer;