Subject: CX4 - Context & Culture 4

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC)


Unit of Competency: VPAU014 - Manage creative and professional self
School of IT & Creative Industries, Faculty of Workforce Development, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email:

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Class 10 - Curating a virtual exhibition / Managing creative content - introduction

Today we will complete the Virtual Exhibition task, and discuss the third Assessment task - Managing creative content. Review and discuss the assessment task brief here.


Class Activity - Group project

Today we will finalise all the images in VAS and come up with a promotional flyer/invitation that can be used in electronic or printed format to get people to engage with the virtual exhibitions.

In setting up the exhibitions, you need to consider the size and placement of the images and their relationship to the other works in the exhibition. You can also edit the gallery space within limited parameters to change colour and lighting in the space.

Experiment freely with the software - if you "stuff it up" you can always delete the exhibition and start again. As long as you have your images saved and your text in a Word doc, you can recreate the exhibition.

In terms of using QR codes for the exhibition, the only problem, which I hadn't thought about previously is that Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads cannot load the Unity 3D plugin (just as they can't load Flash content). I tried some experiments with this but without success. So we have a few options that you can choose from:

  • Still use the QR code in a flyer, but also include a URL so that people can copy/take it home & view it on their computer;

  • Have a link to the VAS apps so that users can download the free apps to their devices and find your exhibitions that way; and/or

  • Create a separate web page as a "portal" to your VAS exhibition so that users can still jump to an online location which has information about the exhibitions, links to the exhibitions in VAS and links to the apps(although the "homepage" for the exhibitions is just a web page and is viewable on iPhone etc.

We could do all of the above - if you provide me with all the material, and we agree on a simple design, I will mock it up during the week and host the page on my own website.

You can also embed your VAS exhibition in your blog - which you should do as an additional means of proliferation.

Links to VAS apps for Apple iOS and Android:



Details for the Virtual Art Space website account

We have one account that everyone can use for this project. the details are as follows:


username: CX4

password: vacx42012

Unfortunately the "Artist Profile" options are geared towards a single artist exhibition, but I have tried to bypass this by calling the account "Various Artists". If you want to come up with a collective name for this profile, you can change it as a group.

Once you have a title, you can create an exhibition and start working with the gallery space. You will need a thumbnail image to represent the entire exhibition, and you can write a short description of the exhibition too.

Explore the VAS website to see what content you can add/edit and the instructions for uploading images and video to the gallery.


Homework / Readings

Your homework will be to add some content to you blog - a couple of posts, some images perhaps...

Begin to think about the next assessment task - managing your creative content.




Curatorial Toolkit (Canadian) - PDF file

Curating a show in 10 easy steps

Assistant Curator -Jobs in the Arts

Package Yourself -

Luis Jacob on Documenta 12 curating (MP4 video file)

Documenta 13 website (currently happening), curated by Carolyn Christov Bakargiev

Sydney Biennale

Virtual Art Space