Subject: CX4 - Context & Culture 4

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC)


Unit of Competency: VPAU014 - Manage creative and professional self
School of IT & Creative Industries, Faculty of Workforce Development, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email:

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Class 3 - Blog Setup / Reflective Practice & Artistic Research


Class Activities

1. Blog

Today we will continue setting up the blog. If you already have created your blog, it's an opportunity to help one of your classmates with the setup process, or to spend some time on adding customisations and tweaking your widgets.

You should have your blog and a theme ready for creating content

Remember to refer to the Wordpress user guide at:


Today I will demonstrate how to create blog posts with different media: and image gallery, slideshow, and embedded video from Youtube / Vimeo on my demo blog:

Refer to the Wordpress tutorials to help you :

5. Get Customized -
(Personalize Your Site)

6. Get Published -
(Create Your First Post)

7. Get Flashy  -
(Add Images and Video)

  • You should have already looked at:

    2. Get Started -
    (Register with; and

    3. Get Acquainted -
    (Explore the Dashboard)

    4. Get Focused -




    2. Reflective Prctice / Artistic Research

    We will watch Everything is a Remix, by Kirby Ferguson, - this series of short documentary films may seem to be quite general and full of "pop culture" references, but underlying the content is an idea that many artists and academics are currently discussing in relation to artistic research, and what we do as artists:

    • Where do our ideas come from?
    • How much does past work inform future work?
    • How much creadit should we give those past works that have been used as the basis for the creation of new works?

    Briefly discuss issues relating to reflective practice and artistic research & how you fit in to a continuum of creative practice - what artists that have come before you have influenced your practice? How do you feel about remix, appropriation, "quotation" (that post-modern favourite), and what do you think about the current litigious climate involving many creative works?

    One example which has caused some recent debate is the estate of the artist Joseph Beuys(1921 - 1986), copyright of which is held by his wife Eva Beuys. REad and discuss this article:


  • Homework / Readings

    Your homework will be to add some content to you blog - a couple of posts, some images perhaps...

    You will be given handouts of an article to read for next week's class:

    On Not Knowing: How Artists Think, by Rebecca Fortnum 2009

    It is an interesting, easy to read speech given at a symposium in London, but what I like about it is how she explains the "not knowing". we will discuss "not knowing" next week.



    Some interesting websites and blogs by artists and designers


    Some interesting image gallery sites (not blogs, but interesting ways of presenting visual content using web technologies)


    Reflective Practice References