Subject: CX4 - Context & Culture 4

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC)


Unit of Competency: VPAU014 - Manage creative and professional self
School of IT & Creative Industries, Faculty of Workforce Development, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email:

Class Website -


Class 2 - Reflective Practice / Blog Setup


Class Activities

1. Briefly discuss issues relating to reflective practice & how you use a visual journal in your own practice - what kinds of content do you put in there? How will you use your blog in relation to this? Have you come to a decision about the function of your blog? Have you got a good name for it?

Look at the blogs in the references below - how have they been used to manage or promote the artist's practice?


2. Today we will continue setting up the blog. If you already have created your blog, it's an opportunity to help one of your classmates with the setup process, or to spend some time on adding customisations and tweaking your widgets.

We may only get as far as creating a blog and choosing an initial theme - don't worry if your theme isn't really perfect for you just yet. We will be looking at artist's requirements and what functionality we want from a theme. you can always change your theme without losing any blog posts that you may already have. Although, if you choose a radically different theme layout, you may need to consider how your media content will work in a different theme.

Remember to refer to the Wordpress user guide at:

This is a very user friendly guide to get you started, with step-by-step instructions and pictures to help you. My role will be to get you started as a group, then to individually help you with the specifics that you want to set up on your particular blog.

If you want to work in pairs to help each other and take turns in setting up a blog, you can do this, and it will help you to remember how to do it if you are going through the steps twice.

Today you should try and get through:

1. Get Started -
(Register with; and

2. Get Acquainted -
(Explore the Dashboard)


You should have already looked at:

3. Get Focused -

As your homework to help you decide on the purpose and function


Homework / Readings

Your homework will be to add some content to you blog - a couple of posts, some images perhaps...

And to watch this online if you can:

Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson (4 videos - about 25 minutes in total):

Consider this video series from a contemporary art perspective. It may be talking about many areas of creative practice, but essentially, it asks you to think about where our creative ideas come from, and how we don't create in a vacuum, devoid of the influence of others.




Some interesting websites and blogs by artists and designers


Some interesting image gallery sites (not blogs, but interesting ways of presenting visual content using web technologies)


Reflective Practice References

On Not Knowing; how artists think, Rebecca Fortnum