Subject: CX4 - Context & Culture 4

Course: Diploma of Visual Art (21885VIC)


Unit of Competency: VPAU014 - Manage creative and professional self
School of IT & Creative Industries, Faculty of Workforce Development, Victoria University

Teacher Name: Lisa Cianci | email:
Course Coordinator & Education Manager: Alan Morgans | email:

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Introduction About the Subject, Assessment Tasks, Activities
Activity: Each class member speak for 30 secs on what their creative practice is and where they are aiming for in the future.
Begin Assessment Task 1 - Visual journal/Blog
Discussion of personal creative practice


26/7 Reflective Practice Methods for developing self-reflective processes in creative practice. Where does creativity come from? Watch Everything is a Remix.


2/8 Artistic Research 1 What is Artistic Research? What is the iterative cycle of creative research & practice? show how your own practice fits into this model


9/8 Artistic Research 2 How can we apply practice-led research methods to our own creative practices? Review of Assessment task 1 (ongoing)


23/8 ACCA Visit Visit Pat Brassington exhibition at ACCA.
Exhibition review activity.
write a brief review of the exhibition focusing on the context of the work in the exhibition space, environment, installation, logistics, audience engagement. Any ethical issues?


30/8 What is Digital Curation? Exploring curation practices with a focus on how technology can be used to curate many types of creative content presentations. Begin Assessment Task 2 - Create a Virtual Exhibition


6/9 Exhibition Logistics & EthicsCurating a Virtual Exhibition 1

Look at how artists deal with exhibition development focusing on the logistics of complex and experimental exhibitions and the ethics that may be involved. Do you have complex and variable work that requires particular considerations for exhibition? are there different contexts for exhibiting your work? 

Planning for a virtual exhibition - the technology and the content.
Decide what your exhibition theme and content might be.
What are the contexts for exhibiting your work?


13/9 Curating a Virtual Exhibition 2 Developing the virtual exhibition. Getting all the content and promotional content ready.
Review the content and theme of the virtual exhibition. What additional material is required to launch it, promote it etc?
Project work for Assessment Task 2


20/9 Exhibition Visit Flexible Delivery - No Class visit an exhibition of your choice and write a report about the logistics of exhibiting the work, and consider content, environment, interaction, installation, ethics and artistic intent.

mid-term break  24/9 - 5/10
(I will be away from 19/9 - 14/10, so there will be a longer break)


18/10 Managing Creative Content 1 Creating an online profile as an artist using methods & web technologies to both promote creative work and preserve it.

Complete/Submit Assessment Task 2

Begin Assessment Task 3- Managing and Documenting Creative Content
Artist Statement


25/10 Managing Creative Content 2 Artists and the Archive. How do artists engage with the archive as a basis for making art, and as a means of keeping art? Duchamp, Fluxus, Calle, Hiller, Jones, Kabokov, Le Guenec
Make a plan for your creative content archive.
Collection Description & Archival Plan
Discuss a title for the end of year Exhibition


1/11 Managing Creative Content 3 Future-Proofing for Artists - elements that can assist in future proofing creative content - what can we do as artists with minimal resources? Future considerations - who would you give your passwords to?
Variable Media - what is it? how do we deal with preservation issues relating to creative content that may be ephemeral, temporal, or virtual? Discuss methods of keeping and destruction in contemporary art
Series Description
Look at VMQ, DOCAM,, focus on complex and variable artworks - how does your work fit in here? what are the particular concerns for your creative practice?


8/11 Project Work Work on documentation and exhibition content. Inventory & Documentation
Plan Invitation, Flyer and Catalogue for Exhibition


15/11 Project Work Work on documentation and exhibition content.
Presentation of Assessment Tasks 1 & 3

Submit Assessment Task 1
Submit Assessment Task 3

Finalise Invitation, Flyer and Catalogue for Exhibition


22/11 Assessment No Class