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Diploma of Creative Industries (WDCI)

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Class 8 - Working on Assessment Task 2



Class Activities

Work on HTML poster which must be complete by the end of class

From last week's notes:

sample folder with HTML file, CSS file and images


The sample folder contains an example I have created that demonstrates the following:

a large background image ( low compression JPG)

several <div> tags with text and image content - some <div> tags contain text as PNG-24 images with transparency

a CSS style sheet which controls the style and position of all the DIV tags including the left, top, width, height and z-index (stacking order of the content).



HTML Elements

HTML Quick List from W3Schools. Print it, fold it, and put it in your pocket.

Video Tutorials

Adobe TV has some of the best tutorials and videos so you can refresh your memory when you are out of class. We are using Adobe applications of the CS4 version (which are not the latest) so it is best to use the documentation and tutorials for CS4 because newer versions have different menus and functionality which might be confusing.

If you want to look at later Dreamweaver versions such as CS5.5 and CS6, there will be further instruction about using HTML5. CS4 doesn't automatically show code hints for HTML5, but you can use HTML5 in the code view.


Other Things to Do/Remember

Keep working on your blog content & commenting on colleagues' blogs.

The HTML CSS Poster is due by the end of next week's class, so you need to be working on it in class and at home.