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Diploma of Creative Industries (WDCI)

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Class 2 - Web 1.0/2.0/3.0, more Wordpress, HTML Dreamweaver tutorial

Class Discussion - Web 1.0/2.0/3.0?

Web 1.0 - static web pages, brochure-styled information pages, only simple images and animation


Web 2.0 - dynamic pages that allow for a range of user experience and customisation of content to suit the user - an "Architecture of participation" - social media, blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc. Rich media - video, audio, animation.


Web 3.0 - semantic web - more meaningful relationships and interoperability between "islands of culture" and "data silos". It's not artificial intelligence, but it's using language and frameworks to enable computers to work in "smarter" ways to serve up content to users based on more meaningful search capabilities. Our usage patterns analysed to advertise and serve up to us the kinds of information we want.

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Class Activities

Work on Assessment Task 1 -- Blog Development

Technical Development

You will be shown how to incorporate widgets and develop existing functionality into the Wordpress personal blog developed in semester 1 in the DDM unit.  Students will be required to implement, activate and customize widgets and plugins for Wordpress to facilitate the following functionality:


Content Development

Focus on your own blog content development by making posts and creating galleries, portfolios, slideshows etc. Comment on other classmates' blogs.

  • Own blog posts - minimum 30 posts

  • Comments on other blogs - minimum 20 comments


Dreamweaver & HTML

Introductory look at Dreamweaver software - interface, menus, how to set up a "site", and how to start coding with HTML.


Adobe TV has some of the best tutorials and videos so you can refresh your memory when you are out of class. We are using Adobe applications of the CS4 version (which are not the latest) so it is best to use the documentation and tutorials for CS4 because newer versions have different menus and functionality which might be confusing.



Reading/viewing for next week:

Read this article on web design principals:


Other Things to Do/Remember

Keep working on your blog content & commenting on colleagues' blogs.