CRT - Creative Technologies
Diploma of Creative Industries (WDCI)

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Class 1 - Introduction

Discuss Class outline and Assessment Tasks


Class Activities

Work on Assessment Task 1 -- Blog Development

Technical Development

You will be shown how to incorporate widgets and develop existing functionality into the Wordpress personal blog developed in semester 1 in the DDM unit.  Students will be required to implement, activate and customize widgets and plugins for Wordpress to facilitate the following functionality:


Content Development

Focus on your own blog content development by making posts and creating galleries, portfolios, slideshows etc. Comment on other classmates' blogs.

  • Own blog posts - minimum 30 posts

  • Comments on other blogs - minimum 20 comments



Discuss this article on the difference between and

Take a look behind the scenes of my Indigo Aeonium blog (which I will demonstrate) to see how much more you can do with your own Wordpress software.


Reading/viewing for next week:

Watch this online video about Dreamweaver


Other Things to Do/Remember

Start working on your blog content & commenting on colleagues' blogs.


If you want to leave class a bit early today to see this talk at RMIT, you can...

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

ARTIST TALK AT RMIT Thursday 19 JULY: 4:30pm

Seoul-based artists Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries have structured their collaborative practice around the concept of a faceless corporation named, a corporation in which Young-Hae Chang is CEO and Marc Voge is CIO. Their works often consist of a multi-channel, text-based flash animation synchronised to a jazz music score and is typified by their humour, sharp socio-political consciousness and an acute sense of timing. Referring to literary genres such as concrete poetry, their work delivers fast moving, complex and unresolved narratives.

Thursday 19 July, 4.30pm
Gossard Space, 67 Franklin Street,
RMIT Building 49, Level 3