CRT - Creative Technologies
Diploma of Creative Industries (WDCI)

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Unit Outline

Learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of relevant computer systems and software;
  2. Develop a website and blog elements using a variety of professional tools including industry standard software;
  3. Apply basic interface design and usability theory in practical work;
  4. Apply good practice in teamwork and team dynamics in production and research; and
  5. Demonstrate competency with existing Internet tools and technologies.




Learning Outcomes


Computer Lab: 3-5 hrs / flexible delivery

Activity/Assessment/ Preparation
(see weekly class notes for reading list & homework)



2 Introduction Introduction to Creative Technologies & Introduction to AT1 Blog Project, Wordpress widgets
Plugins tutorial
Begin AT1 Blog


26/7 2 Web 1.0/2.0/3.0? The Internet as a platform and the discourse surrounding it - Web 1.0/2.0/3.0 meaning and relevance
More Wordpress, HTML tutorial


2/8 1, 2 Designing for Web 1 Principals and processes of web design
HTML/FTP Dreamweaver tutorial


9/8 1, 2 Designing for Web 2 More web design principals and methods, introduction to AT2 CSS Poster project
CSS tutorial


16/8 1 Understanding Dynamic Web Content How dynamic websites work, technologies involved
More CSS & HTML tutorial, AT2 project work
Submit AT1 Blog - TechDev


23/8 1, 3 Usability & UX Importance of considering, researching and understanding the audience/user - user experience in the current environment
More CSS/HTML tutorial, AT2 project work


30/8 2, 3 User Testing, Interactivity & Interface User testing of websites - considerations and methods. Meaning of interactivity and implications of interface design for web media
AT2 project work


6/9 1, 4 Intellectual Property & Ethics Current issues for web developers, content creators and IP rights & ethics
More CSS/HTML tutorial, work on & complete AT2 CSS Poster
Submit AT2 CSS InfoGraphic Poster Design


20/9 4, 5 HE Visit Visit Higher Education @ Footscray Park Campus  

mid-term break  24/9 - 5/10
(I will be away on 11/10, so no class that week either)


18/10 4 Information and Knowledge How does our "Information Society" leverage media & web technologies to acquire and share knowledge? What is a meme?
More jQuery/CSS/HTML tutorial


25/10 3, 5 Web Learning Tools How have web & media technologies affected education?
More jQuery/CSS/HTML tutorial


1/11 2, 4 Digital Preservation Strategies What are the implications of preservation of digital media, and what does it mean for us as creative practitioners?
Future-proofing for creative practitioners tutorial
Submit AT3 Website Spec
(LLN Component)


8/11 2, 5 Web & Creative Industries Development and research opportunities in Creative Industries
More jQuery/CSS/HTML - work on AT3 project


15/11 2, 5 Web & Business Developing careers & making money on the web
More jQuery/CSS/HTML - work on AT3 website project


22/11 2, 5 Web & the Future writers' & theorists' predictions for our web & media technologies, computers & AI, how we might use new technologies
Work on AT3 website project


29/11 2, 5 Project Work & Presentation Work on AT3 website project, Presentation of completed projects Submit AT1 Blog - Content
(LNN Component)
Submit AT3 Website Dev





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