Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media - CUF60107
Workshop Program 1
BSBOHS509A - Ensure a Safe Workplace
CUFWRT501A - Develop Storylines and Scripts

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Workshop Project Activity - QR code exhibition "A4 Show"*

Deadline: October 24 (1 week)

1. Activity Description

Each student will create a piece of digital media that represents or encapsulates their workshop project: a still image or short video or piece of text or short animation or audio. The work should be monochrome (black & white) - to match the aesthetic of the QR code itself, and should be small in file size to enable easy access for mobile devices using either wireless or 3G networks. We want something that is small & simple, but looks great & makes an impact.

These digital media objects will be placed online and we will generate QR codes for the URLs. These QR codes can be printed onto one A4 page (and also placed on a single webpage). We can use this as a mini exhibition in itself, and we can use it as part of promotional material for the end of year exhibition.

The idea is that we can make a mini exhibition on one A4 page (hence the title of the show) in black & white, which can be posted anywhere - stuck on walls, in cafes, other public places, etc (no illegal bill posting please!). Anyone with the right app on their smartphone can view the exhibition from any physical location where the A4 page is located. The exhibition is virtual, distributed, and simple to produce.

It won't take up much time & it can be a great piece to add to your your portfolio. It also relates to the AR stuff we've been discussing in class. 

* If anyone has a better idea for a title, we can discuss it in class.

2. Requirements & Specification

Create a media object suitable for the Internet & viewing on mobile devices. Formats may include any of the following (or combination of these):

  • still image
  • short video
  • piece of text(poem, prose, statement, proposition, etc)
  • short animation
  • audio piece

Content should be in black & white.

Consider that Flash content may not be accessible on all mobile devices, so video may be the preferred option for moving imagery. Video may be placed on Youtube for ease of access. Still images and text can be placed on simple HTML pages either on your own domains or the VU creative industries webserver.

3. References