WD-3 Web Design 3
CUFDIG505A.1 - Design Information Architecture (part 1)

Teacher Name - lisa.cianci@vu.edu.au
Class Website - http://lisacianci.vucreativeindustries.com/2011/SIM1

(login to the website: username = student; password = student)

Module Outline

Discuss what classes are about, list below broken into weeks what will be taught and when.

Assessment breakdown

50% jQuery Image Gallery (AT1), 20% Social Media Research (AT2), 30% Studio Practice (AT3)

introduction to WD-3
jQuery Image Gallery - start assessment task 1
introduction to jQuery - what is it? How does it work? what can we do with it?
tasks - tabs and tooltips
more JQuery
tasks - overlay & expose
Social Media Research - start assessment task 2
discuss Web 2.0, Web 3.0, semantic web
A look at common blogging engines, Twitter, Second Life, Youtube, Vimeo
more JQuery
tasks - scrolling & image gallery
have images ready for use in AT2
submit design specs for assessment task 1
more JQuery
review progress for assessment task 1

work on AT1 - putting it all together
intro to HTML5
work on AT1
testing & debugging
work on assessment tasks

submit assessment tasks 1 & 2
class presentation