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face to facebook( project)

Great speech about digital media rights: "We Copy Like We Breathe: Cory Doctorow's SIGGRAPH 2011 Keynote" on

Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. (EFA) is a non-profit national organisation representing Internet users concerned with on-line freedoms and rights.

No Clean Feed is an advocacy group campaigning against the proposal to filter the internet.

Squaring the Circle' - La Quadrature du Net is an advocacy group that promotes the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet.

Internet censorship circumnavigation tools


Free Ai Weiwei


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Senator Stephen Conroy discussing the proposed internet filter on the 7PM Project. March 2010

Australian Internet Filter

7.30 Report

No Clean Feed

Alex Jones Internet Conspiracy theory

Anonymous Won't Quietly Take Censorship

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on internet censorship

Multimedia Projects

Twitter project in Berlin – Tweetscreen “tweetscreen” is a networked installation, projecting local tweets in a public space.

The Grass Mud Herd is an art project in resistance to internet censorship.

Launch of the Art project picidae -- Open Mind and Open Source -- how the Art project picidae circumvents Chinese Internet censorship

Millennium Multiplex: Art, the Internet, and Censorship KATE GILCHRIST

ART @ Art on the Net Subject to Censorship

Plagiarist Acquisitions - Documentation of internet art project censored by DuPont, for spoofing corporate takeovers by pretending that had taken over DuPont and 26 other giant corporations.

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine – asked to to be taken down by facebook

Crime Scene – gallery exhibition of two computers swapping files. Was eventually shut down by authorities.