SIM2 - Interactive Media 2
BSBCRT501A - Originate and Develop Concepts

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Module Outline

Subject / classes description, list below broken into weeks - what will be taught and when.

Assessment breakdown

40% Assessment Task 1 (AT1), 40% Assessment Task 2 (AT2), 20% Studio Practice Tasks(AT3)

Introduction to SIM2 - subject outline & tasks

  • Flash as a creative medium (AT1) - intro to Assessment Task 1
  • Flash as a presentation tool for concept development (AT2) - intro to Assessment Task 2
  • Studio practice & tasks (AT3) - intro to Assessment Task 3

Class Activities
refresher for SIM1 skills and knowledge
introduction to the AS3 Document Class

More AS3 Classes
more on the Document Class & an intro to the MovieClip Class
Flash/AS3 quiz (AT3)

advanced tweening with 3rd party code
submit project concept for AT1
AS3 Preloaders & the Loader Class
managing content for optimum loading
class exercise (AT3)
Project work
work on assessment tasks

Text fields in Flash
using formatting & styling text fields
submit project for AT1
submit concept for AT2

Form fields & dynamic text
using form fields for dynamic text
More form fields & some PHP
creating an email form using flash & PHP
class exercise (AT3)

Intro to Flash Drawing API & the BitmapData Class
basic introduction to advanced uses of Flash for dynamic graphics
review of & work on assessment task 2

Project work
completion of assessment tasks
submit project for AT1
Flash/AS3 quiz (AT3)

semester break from 26/09 - 07/10