SIM2 - Interactive Media 2
BSBCRT501A - Originate and Develop Concepts

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Assessment Task 2 - Flash as a presentation tool for concept development (Workshop Project Concept)

Deadline: Week 10 - September 19, 2011

  • Concept (to be approved before continuing with the project): class 6
  • Progress review classes 8 & 9
  • Flash project completed: class 10

40% of total mark for the subject.

Assessment Grades

HD: High Distinction 80-100, D: Distinction 70-79,  C: Credit 60-69, P: Pass 50-59, NC: Not Yet Competent

In order to achieve a HD for this brief you need to:

  • Meet all the requirements of the brief
  • Creatively explore ideas and outcomes
  • Have solid justification and reference for design choices
  • No typos or grammatical errors and consistent formatting in any written material
  • Show comprehensive documentation of planning and production
  • Demonstrate good time management skills


1. Project Description


During the Workshop Program you will be creating a project exploring issues around media censorship and privacy. Digital media censorship and media privacy is a contentious contemporary issue with several examples across the spectrum of digital media shaping a reassessment of how we see our right to privacy, and what we feel should be available to us in digital mass media.

Consider events such as:

  • the recent debate around the Government proposal for mandatory filtering of the Internet;
  • recent debate around censorship and filtering of the Internet for reasons of copyright and intellectual property - for example pirating of film and music;
  • the controversy surrounding invasions of privacy by hacking private phone messages by UK News Corporation employees; and
  • the in principle support just last week to implement R18+ rating category for games (despite inconsistent State legislation that could undermine a Federal proposal).

Censorship is a topical and highly relevant issue for online content producers of the future. Internet filtering could affect freedom of speech, artistic expression or even the viability of a high speed Internet. Censorship generally, and our rights to privacy are not guaranteed within either Sate or Federal legislation. Unlike the USA, we have no legislated freedom of speech. While several governments have tinkered with a Bill of Rights that could include Freedom of Speech legislation, this has never eventuated with strong lobby groups rallying against the proposal.

You should research these issues and develop a perspective on the issues, or a particular topic in this area. What will you say about the topic? What is your central idea?

How this relates to SIM2

For the Workshop Project module you are to create a project that articulates a perspective on issues around media censorship and privacy*. The project can be representative or a digital media abstraction. It might be documentary, narrative, interactive, game or a combination of different media types.

For this brief in SIM2, you will create a CONCEPT and PRESENTATION of your proposal for a project you will create in the Workshop Project module later this semester as an "interactive presentation" using Flash as the medium for your presentation.

Your workshop project can use any media that has been covered in the course to date. The project may be anything you like as long as it does not breach standards of decency that might cause offence to individuals or groups within the wider community or represent activities of an illegal nature. The project should have the capacity to be exhibited with other student work at the end of year exhibition. This project is an individual project.

Your project must represent 90 hours of class work in the Workshop Project subject & a similar amount of time outside of class - so it must be a project of substantial scope and content to justify 6 weeks of production. Don't forget - this unit of competency in SIM2 is called "Originate and Develop Concepts" - so as with the previous assessment task, concept development is important - you really need to work hard on your IDEAS.

* If you have a really strong concept that doesn't fit this theme, you may develop a project on a theme of your own creation (but this must be done in consultation with teachers and the concept must be approved)


2. Requirements

Part 1: Concept Development

You will develop a brief concept document that takes into consideration the following elements:

  • The conceptual basis of the project. What is the project about and why should we care? This should be an exposition of an idea, not a description of the subject.
  • Research your concept development/idea development & find relevant references (you should at least find 3 reference examples of work that inspires or influences you).

You will submit your concept document as either a Word (.doc) or a PDF (.pdf)

Part 2: Interactive Pitch (Flash Presentation)

You will create a Flash file to pitch your concept as an interactive presentation. You can use animations/video/sound and/or diagrams to explain how the concept would work. IF installation based, you may have a diagram showing the layout of a room giving dimensions and locations of where the project will be setup. You could then show a 2D/3D representation of the room showing locations of speakers, a projector/screen and elements such as where instructions for the user would be. Part of your pitch will include a section describing how the project works using an interactive diagram. i.e. when you rollover areas of the picture, labels are revealed or an animation describes how the process works. Your pitch must cover your chosen concept, how you reached your chosen concept and why above all others this deserves 6 weeks for you to create it.

Your pitch must be interactive, informative, engaging and sell your concept. it should include the following information:

  • Discuss what your chosen concept is and how you will create it.
  • Discuss the visual style you have selected to communicate your idea. How does the choice of narrative/documentary/pseudo documentary/cartoon/flat colour 2D animation/3D medieval double headed axe wielding Gothic visual style suit your project? A design rationale indicates why you believe the design choices you have made are appropriate. At least 100 words plus links to at least three examples of relevant research work that provide examples that you have used for inspiration.
  • Discuss how your concept addresses/fills a need (why does it need to be created?)


3. Specifications

The following items are required to submit for assessment, any project submitted that does not meet any of the following requirements will not be assessed until it does so:

  1. Flash file specifications

    1. Size: 1024 x 768 pixels.
    2. ActionScript: must be using an AS3 flash file.
    3. Must be using a document class for the majority of the AS3.
    4. Must have a preloader
    5. A working finished swf must be submitted
    6. Submit: SWF will be submitted, centered in a HTML page.

  2. Concept Document Specifications

    1. Your document must look neat, professional and easy to follow.
    2. Your document must cover the topics discussed in the 'Requirements' section
    3. Submit your research document. Your design document must be submitted in hard copy and as either a PDF or Word Document.

  3. Interactive Pitch Specifications
  1. Your pitch must cover the topics discussed in the 'Requirements' section


4. References:

see the flash resources page for examples of online content that may help you with this assessment task.

5. Assessment Rubric

Task Advanced Competent Not Yet Competent Elements
Conceptual Development Your concept document discusses the requirements mentioned in this brief in great detail and in a clear and concise manner. Your ideas are unique, creative and engaging.

Your concept document discusses briefly the requirements mentioned in this brief. Your ideas are satisfactory but could be more engaging.

You have not researched and discussed your concept in enough detail and work does not fulfil requirements listed in this brief. You have not addressed all specifications listed in the brief for this section.

BSBCRT501A - Originate and Develop Concepts

1. Evaluate and explore needs and opportunities

2. Develop a range of creative approaches

3. Refine concepts

4. Develop concepts to an operational level

Interactive Pitch Your pitch is informative, stylish and well created. Your interactive diagram is easy to use and understand and does a great job at conveying how your concept works.

Your pitch is brief, looks acceptable and does not have any bugs that render it unusable. Your interactive diagram is usable and does convey how your concept works. More effort or time spent on this section with either the design or development are required to gain a higher result.

Your pitch is not informative, not pleasant to look at and is not well created/is unusable. Your interactive diagram is difficult to use and understand and does not convey how your concept works.
Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation Textual content is well written with no typographic or grammatical errors and is easy to read. Textual content contains minor typographic or grammatical errors and could be clearer to read. Textual content is poorly written and difficult to read and to follow.
Technical construction Work is skillfully completed according to best practice in multimedia design and production. Work contains at a minimum, all the required elements and functions without error. Any successful developments additional to what has been shown in class will receive extra marks Work is completed with all required elements and is functionally satisfactory but is not best practice with regard to design, file construction & interactions Work is not well constructed, is poorly designed or developed and is unusable as a result.
Bug Free Work thoroughly tested and completely bug free. Satisfactory testing and minor bugs detected are corrected. Little or no testing performed. Fatal bugs discovered and not corrected.
5. Production deadlines
It is important that you bring all materials and development work with you to all classes.
  • Deadline: Week 10 - September 19, 2011

    • Concept (to be approved before continuing with the project): class 6
    • Progress review classes 8 & 9
    • Flash project completed: class 10

Progressive Assessment

This project is assessed on an ongoing basis. The development of effective design, navigation and interaction is an essential part of this project and it is necessary to achieve a competent grade for the design spec before proceeding to the development phase of the project. If you do not submit adequate work by the due date you will not be able to continue with the brief.

For the policy which you will be assessed with please refer to the Assessment Policy section of your Creative Industries student handbook or the online copy of the Assessment Policy: