SIM1 - Class 12 - 2011

Subject SIM1 - Interactive Media 1

BSBINN502A.1 - Build and Sustain and Innovative Work Environment (part 1)
CUFDIG506A.1 - Design Interaction (part 1)

Teacher Lisa Cianci - email:
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Flash and ActionScript

Today we will be covering the following topics:


Using sound in the timeline and in buttons

refer to the Adobe help section Using Sound in Flash for an overview of all things sound related in Flash. In particular, read the sections: Add a sound to a button; and Synchronize a sound with animation.

Today we will experiment with both of these techniques and look at adding sound into interactive elements in Flash.

Class Exercise

I want you to create your own sample file today with the following elements...

1. Experiment with placing sound into button states - usually the over and down states are where sound is added along with animation. Grab some free sounds from the server or from the Internet. Use this judiciously as there is nothing worse than really annoying button sounds!


2. Synch a sound in the timeline with an animation. See this reference for details it's basically as simple as using the synch "Stream" option when you place a sound on the timeline.

You might like to try a bit of lip-synching - there's a great little exercise at this website. download the zip file and get all the files. Try your own lip-sync with another sound file - here are a couple of places to find short sound bytes from well known cartoon characters:

simpsons sound bytes

cartoon sounds

sample lip-sync & other stuff


3. Using all the exercises from the last few weeks, create some interactive movieclip elements that have sound incorporated into the mouse events or keyboard events using ActionScript not timeline or button sound. Reminder: use the exercises from classes 10 and 11 and see if you can merge the various scripts. This will help you in realising the functionality for your interactive stories.


Save these class exercises with your name in the filename and submit them to the specified shared network area by the end of class.


Use any remaining time to work on your assessment tasks.