SIM1 - Class 07 - 2011

Subject SIM1 - Interactive Media 1

BSBINN502A.1 - Build and Sustain and Innovative Work Environment (part 1)
CUFDIG506A.1 - Design Interaction (part 1)

Teacher Lisa Cianci - email:
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Flash and ActionScript

Today we will be covering the following topics:


Usability Testing

The goal of usability testing is to find out what is and is not working well on the interactive (or other product or service). In a usability test, you usually want to answer questions like these:


Working in groups of 2 or 3, you will be able to user test each other's projects and provide feedback for your classmates. be constructive in your responses!

The author of the assignment will play the role of the tester, and the other students in the group will play the role of users.

You will each take it in turn to test each other's interfaces. Write usability reports in Microsoft Word or similar application, addressing the issues below and submit these in electronic format at the end of class. Name the word file with your name - eg jsmith_usability.doc.

Your report should outline what you observed from the users, and your evaluation of this - how would you improve your product based upon the user's feedback?


The User (users will try out other student's assignments)

As you move through the site, think aloud: verbalize what you are doing and why you are doing it. Consider what you like? / what you dislike?


The Tester (you will be the tester for your own assignment)