SIM1 - Interactive Media 1
BSBINN502A.1 - Build and Sustain and Innovative Work Environment (part 1)
CUFDIG506A.1 - Design Interaction (part 1)


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Module Outline

Subject / classes description, list below broken into weeks - what will be taught and when.

Assessment breakdown

40% Assessment Task 1 (AT1), 40% Assessment Task 2 (AT2), 20% Studio Practice (AT3)

introduction to SIM1
Video Presentation in Flash (AT1) - intro to Assessment Task 1
Studio Practice (AT3) - intro to Assessment Task 3

introduction to the Flash interface & Flash as an application - what is it? How does it work? what can we do with it?
task: explore the interface, panels and toolbars, make something
animation & tools in Flash
explaining tweening, motion guides, onion skinning
task: create a simple linear animation in flash
animation continued
nesting movieclips, mask layers.
task: simple animation using nested movieclips
using video in Flash
different methods for incorporating video content into your Flash interactive
methods of controlling video playback in Flash
creative uses of video in Flash
task: implementing video content in a Flash file
submit design document for AT1
introduction to ActionScript
introduction to navigating frames, button events, using buttons to control animation.
task: create a simple 3-screen interactive with button navigation
images, text & movieclip properties in Flash
importing optimised images, using text - types of text fields- dynamic/static/input text, manipulating movieclips with code
task: create an interactive using image, text and movieclips
children's interactive story (AT2)
- intro to the assessment task, begin working in groups to develop a concept for AT2
project work - AT1 & AT2 / user testing
submit AT1 prototype ready for user testing
testing other students' work & giving feedback
incorporating feedback from others into your own project
project work - AT1 & AT2
finishing touches and bug fixing for AT1,
group discussion for AT2
submit AT1 completed project & user testing report (+ class presentation)

easter break
file management & AS3
folder structure, introduction to document classes, defining a class, defining a class constructor, defining methods, more navigating frames, button events, using buttons to toggle animation.
task: simple button functionality using a document class
submit concept for AT2
more AS3 and the document class
more of everything we did last week
task: add functionality to last week's Flash task files
introduction to Audio in Flash
audio formats, internal sound, loading external sound, AS3 sound properties
task: play, stop, pause a sound
submit design document for AT2
more Audio in Flash
more AS3 sound properties and controls
task: make a simple MP3 player
publishing Flash content to the Internet
flash publication & outputs - SWF, with HTML, using SWFobject
task: use last week's task to publish flash content and ensure navigation is working and content is visible in the Flash file
project work (AT2)
review progress and make sure all actionscript functionality is working

project work (AT2 / user testing
submit AT2 prototype ready for user testing
testing other students' work & giving feedback
incorporating feedback from others into your own project
submit AT2, class presentation