SIM1 - Interactive Media 1
BSBINN502A.1 - Build and Sustain and Innovative Work Environment (part 1)
CUFDIG506A.1 - Design Interaction (part 1)


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Assessment Task - Brief 3 - Studio Practice

Deadline: Ongoing Assessment to Class 16

20% of total mark for the subject.

Assessment Grades

HD: High Distinction 80-100, D: Distinction 70-79,  C: Credit 60-69, P: Pass 50-59, NC: Not Yet Competent

In order to achieve a HD for this brief you need to:

  • Meet all the requirements of the brief
  • Creatively explore ideas and outcomes
  • Have solid justification and reference for design choices
  • No typos or grammatical errors and consistent formatting in any written material
  • Show comprehensive documentation of planning and production
  • Demonstrate good time management skills


1. Project Description

Progressive Assessment

Studio Practice is assessed on an ongoing basis. Over the next 16 weeks, I will be observing your performance in class in relation to the requirements & specifications listed below.


2. Requirements

  1. Professionalism
    It is expected that you conduct yourself with a level of professionalism appropriate to the classroom / studio environment.
  2. Team work
    Working effectively as a team member is an important part of a studio environment and can be demonstrated by respecting individual differences, identifying and utilising individual strengths and participating in group and class discussions.
  3. Time Management
    An ability to work to deadlines demonstrates good time management skills. You will need to establish timeframes for assignment work and use time productively both in and out of the classroom to complete work.


3. Specifications

During the semester you will be called upon to complete class exercises and to work on your assessment task projects. Your work in these areas, and your conduct throughout the semester (your attendance, diligence and consideration of others) will be used to calculate a mark for this brief.

Assessment will be based on the kinds of qualities employers are looking for including:

  • the ability to work both with others and independently
  • respect for the communal environment, including the needs of others
  • individual initiative and problem solving abilities
  • enthusiasm and level of contribution to the culture of the environment
  • willingness to 'get out of the comfort zone'
  • ability to work to briefs and deadlines
  • consistency of application in any work undertaken

Assessment will be based on the 'total picture', and will be based on a combination of the following:

  • Completion of exercises undertaken during class time
  • Creative explorations of ideas and concepts
  • Working with others in a responsible and constructive manner.
  • Respect for the learning environment, fellow students, teachers and guest speakers
  • Contribution to class discussions


4. Assessment Rubric

Task Advanced Competent Not Yet Competent Elements
Perfect attendance and completion work in a timely fashion that has a positive impact on others in the class. Satisfactory attendance and completion of all work to a good standard. Unsatisfactory attendance or inability to display capacity to work in a professional environment.

BSBINN502A.1 Build and Sustain an Innovative Work Environment

1. lead innovation by example
2. establish work practices that support innovation
3. promote innovation
4. create a physical environment which supports innovation
5. provide learning opportunities

CUFDIG506A.1 Design Interaction

1. identify project requirements
2. generate ideas for interaction
3. draft interaction design specifications
4. finalise interaction designs

Teamwork Active contributor in class based activities, willing to share discoveries with other students and seek assistance from the group. Good contribution in class based activities and works in a way that does not negatively impact other students. Unsatisfactory contribution to class work, unwilling to help other students or seek assistance from the group.
Time Management Extremely diligent management of time. Work completed with time to add extra functionality or explore new techniques. Satisfactory time management. Most work completed promptly and concepts demonstrated. Work consistently not completed on time, or rushed to the point that the competency is unclearly demonstrated.
5. Production deadlines
It is important that you bring all materials and development work with you to all classes.
Deadline: Ongoing Assessment
For the policy which you will be assessed with please refer to the Assessment Policy section of your Creative Industries student handbook or the online copy of the Assessment Policy: